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It's never too late
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to play a guitar
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Play It Forward

We’ve worked for over a year to design the best possible way to learn to play guitar. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’ and see for yourself.

If you’re beginning your journey with the popular instrument, Guitar Bro says, ‘string it on!’

Our Product

  • GuitarBro Masterclass- Unleash the Superstar Kid Within

    49.00 Buy Now

    Let your child explore the Superstar Kid within them.

    Book a beginner-friendly Masterclass with GuitarBro today and open a world of amazing opportunities for your kid.

    In this one-on-one live Guitar learning Masterclass, our expert mentors will guide your child step by step and show them how to kickstart the musical extravaganza on the very first day. Not only this, we reveal the 3 basic techniques which most of beginner guitarists are not aware of.

    The fundamentals covered in this online guitar course will enable the child to initiate their journey of becoming an amazing guitarist and hop on to a ride of playing real music right away!

    So, enroll your kid in this GuitarBro Masterclass and start seeing immediate progress in them when comes to guitar learning. We are excited to see your child bring out their awesomeness as much as you are!

  • GUITAR BRO – Guitar Learning Combo (30 Day Learning Kit + 8 Live 1-on-1 Classes (each class is 20 mins, Access Key Inside the Kit), Acoustic Guitars Accessories, Picks, Songbook, Videos)

    2,999.00 Buy Now
    • GUITAR BRO ALL-IN-ONE LEARNING COMBO – is a learning kit which includes proprietary gadget, 8 Live online classes of 20 mins each, 24*7 feedback on your progress, video lectures & songbook. The Activation Key is Inside the Box.
    • GUITAR ACCESSORIES – It comes with a set of 2 guitar picks for acoustic guitar instrument. Also, an installation clamp is provided which works as a guitar capo.
    • COMPATIBLE AND EASY TO FIT – Learning kit can be used for standard size 38-inch guitars, 39-inch guitars both acoustic and semi-acoustic. It is only for Right Handed players and compatible with an acoustic guitar for men, women, kids above 10 years or adults who need self-learning methods. It does not work on nylon string guitars but only on acoustic guitar strings made of steel.
    • SELF LEARNING KIT – Learn Guitar At Home, At Your Own Time. Learn chords and play songs.
    • WHAT DO YOU LEARN – The online guitar course will teach you from very basic things like how to hold a guitar, How to tune a guitar without using a tuner, How to use a metronome, how to install the Guitar Bro Tool to advance things like strumming and chords.


  • Day 1

    Install GuitarBro after watching the How to Video. Press Button, Choose a Song from the Songbook. Practice Chords and build muscle memory.

  • Day 15

    Remove buttons one by one and play chords directly. Buttons to be removed one by one.

  • Day 31

    Remove GuitarBro completely Play over 100 songs


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