What Did One Take From Guitar Bro’s Workshop?

First of all, coming forward and telling people that they can start playing guitar in a matter of 5 – 10 minutes, really made their eye balls pop out. With Guitar Bro, we got a chance to explain a few people that how learning is not easy and of course it is never an overnight process. Surely, those who showed interest were those who once in their life had thought that they would join a guitar class and learn to play but due to some reasons that never happened.

However, when we introduced Guitar Bro, then were really surprised to see themselves playing the 4 basic chords of guitar with any difficult finger movements. Guitar Bro has 4 buttons on it, Green for G, Blue for D, Red for C, and Yellow for Em. It is not an electronic device, it’s only a device in which chord placement is pre-defined and only one has to do while playing is to press it.

As you can see, Guitar Bro comes along with a guide. In this guide, you will find a range of songs you can play with these 4 basic chords. Slowly, during the workshop, their thinking of looking for easiest way to learn guitar changed. Some even came up and said, we didn’t know that chord shifting could be so difficult but with Guitar Bro one doesn’t really need to worry.

It will take time to practice and get the hang of it. Of course, one picking up the guitar and trying to strum the strings for the first really makes them think whether its not making them look or sound awkward. So, the initial learning phase is always like this. Once you get the hang of it, you can try placing your fingers in the right position of any chord and try playing it, you will understand right positioning of it and how does it sound different if it isn’t positioned well.