Planning To Learn The Guitar? Here’s What You Should Try Reading Once

Hello, fellow guitarists!

If you want your songs to be loved by most who hear it, this is what you must consider:

The song must be excellent. Next, the musical arrangement must be correct to sell the song. The performance of the song must be emotional. Finally, it must be recorded as well as possible in the correct environment using the best gear available.

Now notice: What is the last thing I mentioned? GEAR! No piece of gear is going to save a bad song with no arrangement that is performed horribly. But for some reason, gear is what most people care about instead of the most important things. Let’s have some perspective, people!

Now that I’ve have gotten that off my chest … I’m going to talk about gear!

Here’s a cold, hard fact: MOST of the music you hear and love was not recorded on Pro Tools, auto tuned, played on a PRS Dragon, amped with a Dumble or mic’d with a Royer. There are decades of recordings that became hits somehow recorded on a medium called tape. Some were even recorded on ADATS. A guy from Asbury Park even released a commercial recording done on a cassette four track! Get it yet? Let me make it clearer: LEARN TO USE WHAT YOU HAVE, AND USE IT WELL!