Guitar Bro- An inception for the Guitar enthusiasts!

So, playing a guitar is all over your head now, huh?

Just like every other guitar player, listening to the songs is not something which gratifies you. What exactly makes you happy is to play them right on your guitar, with your own hands. But yet again, are you just like every other wannabe air guitar player who decides to start playing, but gives up even before getting started? Well, then Guitar Bro is just your right pick! A fun, frolic and an easiest way to learn guitar

To begin with, Guitar Bro is an innovative product which makes your learning of guitar as simple and as quick as possible and is designed for anyone, who wishes to start learning guitar at home. So, your first song starts just in 5 mins!

This revolutionary product, also known to be a guitar for beginners, was first introduced by Shubham Bansal, an IIT Bombay alumnus with 18 years of experience in playing guitar like a pro. With more than 50 events across India, Shubham Bansal has performed with some of the well-known names in the music world such as Kailash Kher and Mohit Chauhan. He also indulged in conducting guitar classes for people of different age, but unfortunately had 80% of the applicants dropped off, due to the complexities of learning guitar. He, then went ahead to combine his engineering skills and passion for music to create a state-of-the-art product for all guitar beginners, called the Guitar Bro.

This product conveys its simplicity to learn guitar in just 3 easy steps.

  1. It says on Day 1, just get your Guitar Bro secured and just press the button to play songs
  2. On Day 15, just remove the buttons and go ahead to learn the chords
  3. And on Day 31, you have just masterminded the passion for guitar. So now you just remove the Guitar Bro and play like a Pro.

Its ease and simplicity of use, makes it a miraculous phenomenon for guitar beginners. The guitar Bro kit comes inclusive of a patented guitar Bro tool, installation clamp, guidelines with 30+songs, a unique key to access video lectures and a 31-day work plan.

Nevertheless, choosing the right guitar for beginners, also goes a long way. Certain criteria’s such as price, style, condition of the guitar and where the guitar is purchased from, is quite crucial to know. Although this decision solely depends on personal preference, it is always worthwhile for beginners to learn to play an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are simple and require little or no additional equipment, making it an ideal for guitar beginners.

As said, music can have a tremendous impact on a person’s mindset and well-being and guitar is ranked to be the second most commonly played instrument after piano. Now, that’s a cherry on the cake!

So, learning guitar at any age should not be a hindrance now, with Guitar Bro! Just plug in and let go!

Catch your muse, play a guitar- and may inspiration be with you!