Buying A Guitar For The First Time? Here’s A Checklist For You

Well, you are about to pick a new hobby and its music, what else can be more exciting than this, good choice. So now that you going to buy a new guitar and you are new to it, you must be thinking what brand to go for, must be asking your friends, or might be just searching online. As we have been into guitars since a long time, we have changed many guitars and this makes us more knowledgeable to give you a very clear picture if you are confused or lost in buying the first real six string.

So to make this simple, we have listed some key pointers for you.

  1. Type of Guitar:

Choose whatever you like but make it a point to buy an acoustic guitar. That being said, buying an acoustic guitar is a better choice as acoustic guitars have a wider neck and the strings are more spaced out, which make for a perfect physical exercise for both the right and left hand because you’d need to train to stretch your fingers more to reach for the right notes, and you could much more easily pluck the strings with your fingers for the fingerstyle type of picking. 

  1. Size of the Guitar:
    Size does matter because wider neck guitars may be a little difficult to play, instead choose a slim body guitar. Gradually, when you get the hang of it, you will understand and adjust with wide neck guitar easily. Yes, the only difference what we feel between a slim and a wide guitar is just one and that is sound.

  2. Brand:
    It’s your first guitar so buying a high end doesn’t really make sense, because a decent beginners guitar can be easily purchased without bending your wallet much. Even if you feel that you want to have a branded guitar for yourself, then YAMAHA, Cort, Epiphone, etc. are some you can consider.

  3. Material of the Guitar:
    For your information, Cedar, Spruce, and Mahagony are some of the woods used to manufacture guitars, but this is also depends on how much you want to spend on it. So, we just want to advice that don’t really worry about the material of the guitar rather than just enjoy the learning initially.

  4. Taking Care of It:
    Your first guitar should be taken care of very well. Make sure you ask for warranty, ask if strings are broken then will they replace it for you for free. Or just ask them to install a better quality strings, you might have to pay them extra for it. For add on, you can buy a tuner along so that whenever you go out of tune and wait for your tutor to tune it, you know you can do it by yourself.

Do not keep it left out if you feel you can’t really go to the class regularly. Make sure you clean it, don’t let the dust sit on it. If you wish to learn by yourself, you know you have a bro, Guitar Bro.