Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

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The guitar is one of the most celebrated instruments in the world. Moreover, some people simply buy Guitars for the decoration and hang them in the house. Guitars are not only good looking, but they also sound great. And learning how to make a guitar produce great music is something that you should seriously consider. Here are some of the few reasons why you should join the guitar class at GuitarBro.

1. A quality productive way to unwind

We all have days when we are so busy and tired from our day to day activities, and most times, when we get home, the only option is to sit down quietly, Whatsapp friends or watches TV. Such a routine can get repetitive at times, and we sometimes find ourselves looking for something new to do. Learning the Guitar offer just that. It is a great way to unwind during your free time, and the most interesting bit is that it energizes your body and mind. Refresh your mind and soul, create your own beautiful music, sing to god with an instrument – these are some of the habits that will make you live longer and healthier.

2. Enter a community of musicians

They say that music is a language. It is a language that is most fluently spoken by the musicians. This is why it is very easy for one musician to bond with another one in the presence of a few musical instruments. Learning to play the guitar allows you the privilege of joining any community of musicians, whether they are pianists, drummers, singers, saxophonists, and so on. As long as you can churn out a tune or join one, you will always have someone willing to play along with you. You will also get to share from your experiences in playing with some other musicians hence helping you to grow your skills.

3. Impress friends and family

Being a guitar player is a plus when it comes to social functions. It is an attention-stealing skill. If you take out your guitar at a social gathering and play a famous tune, the chances are that you will attract a number of listeners who are lucky enough to get a free show from you. You can even entertain a friend and member of your family on a dull day and lighten up the mood or even make new friends.

4. Listening to music will become more enjoyable and engaging

As a guitarist, your experience when listening to music will change once you start paying attention to details that were not so significant to you before. Because of your knowledge in the music theory, you will start to bond with the minds of other musicians just by listening to their music. The mod and the atmosphere that they are trying to convey will strike you immediately and inspire you to write your own songs.

5. Learning other instruments becomes easy

The fundamental starting point of learning to play the guitar is in understanding how different notes and chords fit together. To do this, one must have a basic grasp of music theory. It involves the learning scales, modes, and musical patterns that are common in the music composition. There is a truckload of learning material out there for the guitar theory, but the wonderful thing is that most of it also applied to other instruments. Yes! That is right. Once you learn guitar theory adapting your knowledge to the keyboard, the violin, the saxophone, or even the drums will be quite easy. The same rules of melody creation and rhythm development will apply.

6. It is a great way to exercise

It sometimes looks trivial, but regular guitar playing can build you up physically. It starts with your arms and then stretches on to your abdomen and chest. This is especially so for the guitarists who make it a habit to practice while standing. So if you are not the kind of person who exercises in regular habits to practice while standing. So if you are not the kind of a person who exercises in the regular fashion, then guitar playing can get your muscles a much needs stretch to help your tone out your body.

7. It can become a source of income

Moreover, the greatest part of learning the guitar is that if you take it seriously enough so that it can actually earn you some money. You can become a performing guitarist or a sessional one. This means that you will have fun and earn money while doing it. Once you position yourself as a well-versed guitar player who can handle a wide range of genres, opportunities in the music library industry will open up for you.

8. Lower Your Blood Pressure and Improve Your Health

Playing guitar helps you to build arm, forearm, and wrist strength and can help you to get a little healthier while cold-weather style. Feeling a little holiday anxiety? Playing the guitar helps you with that too. Harvard Health conducted a study on the effects of music on the anxiety and blood pressure on the patients undergoing cardiac surgery and found power ballads and love songs that can really help to reduce the nervousness.

Make learning guitar easy with the help of FRETX Smart Learning Device for the Guitar – no time consuming, expensive lessons to commit to off the jump. This clever device attaches to any of the guitars and shows you with lights where to put your fingers so that you can learn chords without reading music, plus it is controlled with the help of a mobile application on Android and iOS. That means that you can learn anywhere, on your own time, with immediate feedback to see how you are doing.

9. Improve your vocabulary

Learn the arcane meanings of common words like the gauge, bridge, stack, gauge, pickup, shred, and action. Using their secret meanings around the square crowd might lead to embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations, but when you speak them around another guitarist, they will recognize you as one of the club and doors will open.

10. Form a band and join the circus

It is a great way to meet friends and gain some of the attention. Id the combo is good, then you could stay away from home for weeks at a time, eat a steady diet of fast food, associate with the mentally unbalanced characters, get ripped off by the club owner and then return to a lousy job so that you can save up money to do it all again.

11. Enlightenment

If you made through all the other reasons for playing and make it a lifelong activity, the realization would hit that you possess the gift of communicating with people through the sublime language of music.

Ever walk away from a gig or jam session and felt as if you had just been in another world because your playing was so good? That, right there, is the ticket to nirvana.

12. Practice Your Passion

This should probably be at the top of the list, but one of the most obvious benefits of playing the guitar is that it is really fun, no matter whether you are a veteran or a beginner, you probably started playing because you were interested, and you continue playing because you love it.

Playing music is fun, and it can even expand your social circle and take you to some of the unexpected places. Remembering this next time you don’t even feel like practicing, or even get discouraged when you are trying to learn a new song.

13. Improves Synchronization

This applies mostly when you have a playing partner or more or are a part of a band that plays with a wide array of instruments sequentially. Playing in a band demands to incorporate with your timing and technique while playing the guitar. Waiting or queening in a partner will become a norm as you play together to make up some of the different parts of a song or a composition. An ability to be considered coupled with a taste for timing will help you to play well with others musically and in overall everyday life too.

14. Develop Discipline & Devotion

Playing the guitar and some other musical instruments are akin to having a job. Learning to master this skill or just be a decent player is going to take you a great deal of time and investment, as well. It is easy to quit and jump onto the next easiest instrument to play or a hobby to fill your time with, but if you are old enough to know how the world works, you know that discipline is the key to which the gates of prosperity are opened. You might as well learn the cornerstone of success while playing the guitar and having a good time with the friends so that you can carry it via to other disciplines you plan to be successful in.


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