GUITAR BRO – Guitar Learning Combo (30 Day Learning Kit + 8 Live 1-on-1 Classes (each class is 20 mins, Access Key Inside the Kit), Acoustic Guitars Accessories, Picks, Songbook, Videos)


  • GUITAR BRO ALL-IN-ONE LEARNING COMBO – is a learning kit which includes proprietary gadget, 8 Live online classes of 20 mins each, 24*7 feedback on your progress, video lectures & songbook. The Activation Key is Inside the Box.
  • GUITAR ACCESSORIES – It comes with a set of 2 guitar picks for acoustic guitar instrument. Also, an installation clamp is provided which works as a guitar capo.
  • COMPATIBLE AND EASY TO FIT – Learning kit can be used for standard size 38-inch guitars, 39-inch guitars both acoustic and semi-acoustic. It is only for Right Handed players and compatible with an acoustic guitar for men, women, kids above 10 years or adults who need self-learning methods. It does not work on nylon string guitars but only on acoustic guitar strings made of steel.
  • SELF LEARNING KIT – Learn Guitar At Home, At Your Own Time. Learn chords and play songs.
  • WHAT DO YOU LEARN – The online guitar course will teach you from very basic things like how to hold a guitar, How to tune a guitar without using a tuner, How to use a metronome, how to install the Guitar Bro Tool to advance things like strumming and chords.


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