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How can you tune your guitar easily?

How can you tune your guitar easily?

If you’re beginning your journey with the popular instrument, Guitar Bro says, ‘string it on!’

Although we see our favourite artists play the guitar effortlessly, it is not as easy as it looks. That’s why we, at Guitar Bro, are here to help you cover the basics in 4 easy steps! 

1. Turn the right key

Make sure you know the names of all keys – E, A, D, G, B, A – starting from the thickest to the thinnest string. Once that is clear, you can move to trying and playing all of them online to familiarize yourself with their sounds. Towards the end of your fingerboard, there are multiple keys. All keys are attached to a specific string. So, make sure you are turning the right key while tuning your guitar.

2. Using the electric tuner

You can also work with your listening ability or a harmonizer, but an electric tuner is by far the simplest way of tuning your guitar. In settings, set the calibration to A 440 Hz. Then, start playing one string at a time and match the sound to the key sound displayed on your tuner’s screen. Once it hits green, you’ve hit the note!

3. Pluck a lot

Don’t stop tuning the string once the light blinks green. Keep plucking your guitar string multiple times to make sure you have mastered the sound. This refers to fine-tuning your guitar for best results.

4. Trust your ear

Most of the tuning is based on your sense of hearing. If you are trying to tune your guitar without an electric tuner, make sure you are familiar with the sound of every string and can recognize it when played. Though it is still a feat of experts, you may just be bang on!


So, are you ready to make the world string along?