Best Guitar Cables
Many guitarists tend to put a higher priority in the guitar and the amplifier when it comes to producing the
A Beginner’s dilemma – Acoustic or Electric?
It’s a big burning question in the world of guitar. The sides are already formed and both sides have a
Cleaning your guitar isn’t just about cosmetics, and getting it wrong can do more harm than good. Knowing how to
It is imperative to always be in tune whether you are just practicing at home or in a jam room
Advanced guitar techniques like sweep picking, travis picking, two-hand tapping open up a myriad of expression and creativity to playing.
Buying an acoustic guitar isn't exactly a "small" purchase. Even for beginners, the process can be intimidating and even discouraging
Epiphone makes the most popular Les Paul copy in the world. In fact, Gibson actually owns Epiphone and treats the Epiphone
The bond with our siblings is precious. We often hear about bonds between brothers and sisters. The relationship that we
Much of how we learn and teach music has moved online. If you just take the topic of guitar, there's
MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal MXR's analog chorus pedal houses a bucket-brigade circuit, which is the truest form of "analog"

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