Best Guitar Cables


Many guitarists tend to put a higher priority in the guitar and the amplifier when it comes to producing the highest quality tone from their instrument. Something that is often overlooked is guitar cables. You’ll definitely notice a difference between a cheaply made set of guitar cables and a set of high-quality cables. We decided to put together a list of the 10 best guitar cables to help make it easier for every guitarist who’s looking to buy a new set of guitar cables for their arsenal.

Remember that while guitar cables do make a big difference in sound quality, results will vary depending on the type of guitar, condition, and even your amplifier.

Now we’re going to get started and talk about straight guitar cable recommendations first. Keep in mind that these cables are not listed in any particular order.

Mogami GOLD INSTRUMENT Cable (Best Overall)

The best overall guitar cable that we would like to recommend in 2019 is the Mogami Gold Instrument Cable. Mogami cables have been a popular choice for professional recording studios for decades now and have been used by many musicians around the world.

This guitar cable from Mogami provides a crystal-clear tone and keeps the background silent when in use with your instrument. It is the guitar cable of choice for the guitarist who is looking for the purest tone as they exhibit amazing clarity. They maintain the unique personality of your instrument and the effects that you use.

There’s definitely a superior difference when you compare this Mogami cable with other “high-quality” cables in the market.

The cable itself has been engineered for the highest level of clarity. It’s known for being one of the most accurate cables available with the widest frequency response. It cancels out any humming or noise and increases the dynamic range of your instrument.

Planet Waves American Stage Guitar Cable

The American Stage Guitar Cable from Planet Waves is another high-quality lead that provides a nice transparent tone. This cable has a nice high-end and mid-range tone while producing very clean bass.

What makes this guitar cable unique is its patented tip design that helps it fit better in all jacks. This ensures a crackle free connection for all of your instruments. These guitar cables are built to endure the rigors of performing on stage. They use a HelioFused soldering technique to provide durable construction.

This soldering technique offers powerful strain relief without sacrificing any tone from your cable and instrument. The American Stage cable is made up of a 95% tinned copper braid and a conductive PVC under jacket. This provides an electromagnetic interference rejection, making this cable flexible and sturdy. This design helps to deliver the purest possible signal transfer.

Rig Ninja Guitar Cable by NINJAMUSO

The Rig Ninja Guitar Cables from NINJAMUSO are high-quality cables that come at a classic vintage style. Its woven cloth exterior design eliminates kinks and twists helping you have a tangle-free experience. Its stylishly woven cloth exterior adds the classic vintage appeal while helping reduce wear and tear when you bring them on the road.

The solder connections are gold-plated and heavy-duty providing you with complete confidence in the connectivity of your instrument. The PVC sleeve extending from the plug protects the cable and reduces any strain on the plug connections.

The cable is 7mm in diameter and is made of oxygen-free copper core.

Red Dragon Instrument Cable

The next set of guitar cables that makes our list are the Red Dragon Instrument Cables from AMBOZ CABLES. These cables have a high-quality braided tweed jacket design, making its construction more tough and reliable. With its unique combination of textile structure and PE insulation, you will find that these cables are tangle-free when you move around with them while playing.

The Red Dragon guitar cables produce a clean and pure sound due to its low capacitance design. These cables cut out interference coming from wireless devices and electric currents, keeping your cables silent (no humming or background noise) while an inside PVC layer helps prevent “crackling” noises. You’ll experience uninterrupted performances using these cables. The connectors are also hand soldered, ensuring optimum connectivity when in use.

These guitar cables are also backed by AMBOZ’s lifetime guarantee, giving you more peace of mind if you wanted to try out the Red Dragon cables.