Best Guitar Blogs To Follow

Here on the GuitarBro blog we keep on regularly create some of the awesome content for the guitar enthusiasts of all skill levels to come and learn anything and everything that they can about the guitar. In case you have not got onto it yet, we also have a real guitar bro app to help you learn guitar faster and better with the lessons in it. But that does not mean that we don’t really appreciate what some other fantastic people are creating out there in a guitar community. So, if you have not already heard about them, then here are some of the blogs which are totally worth following for the guitar players:

Adam Rafferty | Guitar Bro Blog

If you are so much fascinated by the fingerstyle and want to pick up some of the tips, then make sure to visit Adam Rafferty. This blog is written by the pro guitarist himself, in between the performances, introductory lessons are available at free of cost, and if you even like, then you can take lessons from the Adam. The blog covers the specific techniques to help you improve your playing, and an accompanying podcast offers even much more insight.

Classical Guitar channel | Guitar Bro Blog

Learn classical guitar technique, get performance tips, and view videos. There are just a few of the treats you will find at classical Guitar, a clear, crisp blog with the plenty of interviews and editorials hidden among the repertoire guides and views. Whether your goals are to learn classical guitar or even improve your performance, then you will find inspiration and guidance here.

Dolphinstreet electric guitar

One visit to the website of the DolphinStreet, and you will be hooked to that. It is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to become a professional player of guitar, and it even comes with free online guitar lessons as well. The blogs provide with a strong focus on blues and rock, plus there is a complete section covering slide guitar. While much of the content is even free, there are also webcam lessons guitar lessons so that you can interact in-person.

Dutchbopper’s Jazz Guitar Blog

Dutchbopper’s Jazz Guitar Blog

Guitar reviews, videos, amp reviews, and plenty of inspiration can be easily found that Dutchbopper’s Jazz Guitar blog. With a covering of a wide range of topics from bebop to blues, this insightful, award-winning guitar blog also includes the riffs and licks to try on your own, plus entertaining stories and quite a bit of jazz guitar history.

Electric Herald channel

Want to build a guitar from a kit, or even design your own guitar online and have it built to your specifications? Want to learn how to do basic lutherie work, like re-fretting your own guitar? These are just a few of the electric herald’s highlights. Brimming with helpful articles, advice, and news, it is just a must-read.


Guitar maintenance tips, quick video lessons, and insight into the best guitar applications are just a few of the great things that you will find at the GuitarHippies. There is a lot of guitar-centered entertainment here, too – you will find videos to inspire you and plenty of articles to grab your interest. Guitar reviews, accessory reviews, and interviews make this blog a well-rounded one. Check it out, and even plan to take your playing to a new level of heights.

Guitarz is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to improve their playing

With a wide range of library of archives dating all the way back to 2002, Guitarz is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to improve their playing or even learn more about the guitars in general. You will be able to find the plenty of guitar reviews covering new and vintage instruments like the books, plus reviews on accessories, and much more.

Guitar reviews designed to help you make informed purchasing decisions to a complete guide to beginning guitar

Brand new to the guitar? If so, you will be appreciated everything about the Guitar Adventures has to offer. From the Guitar reviews designed to help you make informed purchasing decisions to a complete guide to beginning guitar, this blog has a lot to offer. Guests posts cover topics which are ranging from how to tune a guitar to helpful tips for singing and playing guitar at the same point of time. If you want to become a better player, this is a great place to start.

Get free guitar tabs, enjoy hints and tips on playing beginner guitar, and find plenty of guitar songs of play. Guitar noise is also a fantastic source for guitar lessons. Posts cover a several of topics – whether you are looking for ways to improve your guitar technique or if you are in search of tips for buying adding another guitar to your collection, you will find them – and much more – here.

guitar trance

Looking for beginning guitar tutorials or much more advanced guitar techniques? You will find plenty of inspiration at Guitar Trance, along with loads of helpful tips for choosing guitars and accessories. You will also find ukulele guides and reviews, which is a complete guide to metal guitars, and a guide to creating your own DIY guitar cabinet. These are just a few picks – this blog is a massive one with the exciting lessons and resources for players of every level.

All about guitars, blues and rock music.

Film reviews, concert reviews, and interviews are among the many offerings found at Guitar Vibe. This massive guitar blog got its start way back in the year 2015, and their tons of great content hidden in the archives. The blog provides with the special section on games, books, and gear, all of the course centered around the guitar.

Guitar news, reviews, interviews, videos and lessons

Watch amazing videos, learn about upcoming music tour and concert dates, and enjoy plenty of guitar and guitar accessory reviews along the way. I Heart Guitar blog is much more dedicated to all things guitar, ranging from the newest bands to vintage vinyl. It is a great place to make new discoveries, plus there is a podcast to offer some of the entertainment for your downtime.

Jazz improvisation advice to help musicians improve fast as a jazz improviser.

Want to build some of the extra knowledge and skills while mastering the art of improve? If so, Jazz Advice is a resource not to be missed. There is a strong focus on building individual skills, plus there are some of the insightful articles on theory. Some entries analyze master jazz guitar players to provide a deeper look at their methodology, all in the hope of imparting new knowledge to readers. In the case of wealth, free content is not quite enough courses are available as well.

The guitar lessons online, and they're free! Fun, comprehensive guitar lessons

Are you looking for free guitar lessons to help you get started? If so, then make sure to check out the Justin Guitar, where you will find around 500 lessons created over the course of around 15 years. All popular guitar lyrics are covered, and lessons are also properly categorized for the beginners and intermediate players. DVD’s and books are available too, in case you like the method you would like bee learning and want to do even more on your own. New content is added on a daily basis, which makes this blog a favorite with the thousands of regular visitors.

custom guitars and ukeleles

You might have heard about the Litchy Guitars, home of luthier Jay Lichty. Not only is this an incredible source for the customized guitars and ukuleles, but it is also a great resource for those who want to take their knowl3dge to the next set of a level. The blog also focuses on the custom guitar build, sharing insight into the best woods for building guitar and much more. Even if you are not in the market, then you may want to look, if only to view these beautiful instruments and the incredible artistry that goes into each and every one.

Music instruments center is where give you best advice with buying guide, review and tips.

Music instruments Center is a resourceful site which is more focused on guitar and some other musical instruments. On their site, you can find the best music product reviews, tips, guides, and tutorials. The site was founded by Alex Frank in the year 2016 inspired by the difficulty to find the great and reliable instruments online. The website caters the customers all across the globe.

Music Industry SEO

How to repair a guitar amp? How to set up your electric guitar just in the right way? There are just a couple of things that you will learn when you visit Six String Soul. This blog does cover some off the finer points of guitar playing but is even unique in that there is a strong focus on the guitars and guitar equipment. Interviews with the gear builders and guitarists add even more interest, which makes each visit insightful as well as entertaining.

Talk guitar, amp & everything in between.

This award-winning guitar blog has been around since the year 2008, and it is jam-packed with excellent content just about everyone can appreciate. Offering with everything from advice on guitars and accessories to tips on becoming the best player you can be, it is updated on an almost day to day basis so that there is never a shortage of new information to enjoy.

The Guitar Site For Learners. We Shares Ways of Guitar Learning And Love Guitar Playing

Are you ready to learn guitar riffs? Want to know more about to check a guitar for authenticity? Looking for tips on choosing the best amps? These are some of the few useful things that you will find when you visit the Guitar Learner. It is the winner of the top 75 Guitar Blogs award, and it features an entire section on guitar wiring & pickups, amps, effects and of course, guitars. Articles cover some of the basic tips for new and more experienced players like making the blog with a useful resource for just around every player.

The Guitar teaching Blog is designed as a resource for the guitar teachers.

While most of the top guitar blogs are even aimed at students and casual learner, The Guitar teaching Blog is designed as a resource for the guitar teachers. No matter whether you are a full-time teacher or someone who even provides lessons on a more casual, case by case basis, you will even find this is a valuable resource. It comes with the complete tips for creating lesson plan, building your guitar teaching business, and much more.