A Beginner’s dilemma – Acoustic or Electric?

A Beginner’s dilemma – Acoustic or Electric?

It’s a big burning question in the world of guitar. The sides are already formed and both sides have a solid case prepared – validating their reasons. 

Choosing the right guitar can prove to be a very exciting process for a beginner guitarist. At the same time if you don’t have the right information it could get confusing. For starters you have to understand that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

As a beginner you should feel the urge to pick up the guitar and start practicing and playing it. And selecting the right guitar type for yourself is the starting point to feel this urge.

From a beginner level perspective both guitar types would have the same level of playability. Meaning you will either find it easy to practice or play a guitar or you will find it difficult. It’s your love for the music which will bring you closer to becoming a good guitar player. 

That is why we have listed a basic feature comparison chart for you which will help you decide the type of guitar you would want for yourself. 

Operating MethodFunctions without electricityNeeds electricity or battery
Body FeaturesThicker neck, bigger body Slimmer neck, smaller body
Ease of playInitially harder to learn & playEasier to play for beginners due to the size and strings
Sound ProductionProduces sound acoustically Produces sound using pick ups
PortabilityCan be played on the goRequires to be connected to the amp before you play, additionally you would require electricity or battery power
StringsSteel strings, strings are of heavier gauge (Thickness, Classical Acoustic guitars have Nylon stringsSteel Strings, are of lighter gauge.
AffordabilityGenerally affordableIn comparison expensive as you will also need to buy an amp
Supporting gear Case or a bag, tuner & picksAmp, cable, case or a bag, tuner & picks
ExpandabilityAdd a pick up to amplify the soundAdd pedals and effect processors to color the sound

Acoustic Guitars – A short brief

Acoustic guitars are cost effective and low maintenance. This guitar type allows the students to concentrate more on the basics of the instrument such as the scales, chords, chord progressions and riffs instead of focusing on the sound distortion and volume. Portability wise you can play and practice an acoustic guitar anywhere. 

Some recommended popular brands to choose from:

Beginner – Granada, Epiphone, Filia
Semi Professional/Professional – Faith Guitars, Epiphone, Gibson

Electric Guitars – A short brief

You will be able to play the guitar easily for hours without hurting your fingers due to its lighter strings and thinner neck. The narrow neck and the closely distanced strings make it easier to play most chords and scales without having to stretch. You can adjust the volume of the amp and listen to yourself play with headphones thus avoiding disturbing others. 

Some recommended popular brands to choose from:

Beginner – Epiphone, Java
Semi Professional/Professional – Epiphone, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith Guitars

The above features should ideally bring you closer in the decision making process, however if you still have any doubts or confusion you can simply visit a local music store and play the electric and acoustic guitar. Play around and experiment, ask questions to the sales person, clarify all your doubts. And voila!! You will be able to see your prospective music partner clearly. 

Despite of going through these features if you still feel inclined towards both types of guitars or have a shred of doubt, there is a customized type for you – “acoustic–electric” guitar. This type comes with features of a standard acoustic guitar and it also has built-in pickup and preamp which will enable it to turn into an electric guitar once plugged into a guitar amp.

In Conclusion
No matter which side you are leaning on. Just close your eyes and think which type of guitar inspires you. Acoustic or Electric? Doesn’t matter which one you pick. You need to feel the motivation and the inspiration to pick up the guitar and immerse yourself in music.